Frog in a Well
Kinetic Installation

Selected forCGU MFA Installation Show 2023 in Gallery 223


In a tranquil village, there was a well, and within this well lived a frog. This frog had never ventured outside the well and knew only the slice of sky he could see from the bottom, along with the water in which he lived, and the wall that encircled him.

One day, a turtle from the sea happened upon the well. Peering inside, the turtle saw the frog and decided to strike up a conversation.

"Hello, friend! What's it like living in this small well?" the turtle inquired.

The frog puffed up his chest and replied proudly, "This well is the perfect home! I can hop along its edges, swim in its water, and if I want, I can even hide in the mud at the bottom. It's everything I've ever known and everything I'll ever need. Why? Have you ever seen a place as magnificent as my well?"

The turtle chuckled and responded, "Well, I come from the sea, and it's vast and boundless. It's nothing like your well. In the sea, even a distance of a thousand miles would seem small. Your well cannot compare to its grandeur."

The frog blinked in confusion, trying to picture what a "thousand miles" might look like or how vast "boundless" could be. However, the very idea was so alien to him that he couldn't truly grasp it. Rather than admitting his ignorance, he defiantly responded, "Well, I'm content with my well. It has everything I need. Not everyone desires the vastness you speak of."

The turtle nodded understandingly. "To each their own," he mused, before heading back to the vast expanse of the sea.

Individual Project
November 2023
Rachel Lachowicz
Kinetic Scultpure + Interactive Installation + Physical Computing
Mixed media 
6 x 5 x 12 ft.


01 Research
02 Development Process
03 Project Outcome