White I/IIArt Installation

Selected forCGU MFA Installation Show 2023 | PUSHPACK, a group exhibition at Peggy Phelps Gallery


This art installation draws its inspiration from the Analects of Confucius, which advises, "Do not look at what is not proper, do not listen to what is not proper, and do not speak what is not proper." The work explores these principles through a contemporary lens, engaging viewers in a reflective dialogue about the nature of propriety and ethical conduct in modern society. By creating a visually and emotionally immersive space, the installation invites audiences to consider how relationships are formed, broken, and transformed — both between individuals and between humans and objects. 

The installation features sculptures mounted on the surrounding walls, embodying hands delicately interacting with organic forms. Each sculpture conveys nuanced expressions of connection and restraint, reflecting on the delicate interplay between propriety and transgression. At the heart of the installation is a mirror box mounted on a pedestal, acting as a powerful focal point. The mirror box challenges viewers to confront their reflections as they absorb the surrounding sculptures, inviting them to introspect on their perceptions of propriety and how it governs social conduct. This reflective object becomes a symbolic tool for viewers to look inward and consider the influence of Confucian teachings in modern contexts.

Individual Project
December 2023
Rachel Lachowicz
Analects of Confucius, Restrain, Follow Social Norms
Paper mache, Laser cutting, Foam spray, Spray paint, Acrylic paint, Pastel
12 x 3 x 5 ft.


01 Research
02 Development Process
03 White I Outcome
04 White II Outcome

The mirror box reflects the surrounding sculptures and the viewers themselves, urging them to confront their perceptions of what is "proper" and challenging their understanding of propriety in their interactions. The reflective surfaces not only amplify the visual impact but also metaphorically mirror the internal contemplation urged by Confucius's teachings. Through the interplay of reflection and spatial arrangement, the installation guides viewers through stages of contemplation, asking them to question the moral lines that govern their social interactions. Ultimately, the work honors Confucius's teachings while prompting contemporary audiences to exercise discernment and mindfulness in a world inundated with conflicting stimuli.

White I
was exhibited in a group exhibition

Graphic Design Poster by Tina Jiang

White II
was exhibited in a group exhibition